A wholehearted experience at the intersection of business, technology and ongoing transformation

Challenging the way things are done and showing forward moving perspectives in an exponential world

 I’m Rasmus, how are you?

I’m Rasmus Nutzhorn, I am an entrepreneur and company builder. Founder of Human and Kind and Vice-CEO of Ricolab.

I am striving towards improving live and businesses through assisting, advising and consulting on innovation and transformation management.

The world is up for a re-design and we can create simple solutions that matter today. However, there are structured ways to deliver tangible results in the innovation space.

I explore both the creative and open imagineering of the future and ways to getting things done, created and successfully launched.

This website is landing page for my speaking engagements. You can find some of the topics I cover below, and feel free to reach out using the contact formular. You can also find me on twitter @rasmusnutzhorn.

We are moving forward to simplicity. Driving change through embracing complexity, and making the uncertainty your most valueable asset.  Wholehearted, vulnerable and 100% human.

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Entrepreneurial Thinking

The entrepreneurial landscape is shifting. The way we build companies, the way we look at markets, the way we collaborate with talent, the entire playing field is shifting. This is a major opportunity. How do we turn this uncertainty into an asset?

Purposedriven Leadership

The way we lead is shifting. You are expected to bring yourself as a whole person, vulnerable and with all the beautiful imperfections of yourself. How do we do that? How do we enable and develop a culture that fosters understanding, change, speed and engagement.

Disruptive Innovation

Business leaders are incapable of grasping what exponential change pace actually means to their business. How can we see the correlation and convergence between markets spaces and how can create relevant innovation. How can we set up structures that will turn our organisation into an organism?

“Rasmus will challenge your thinking, your way of working and maybe your way of living, but in the most gentle and inspirational way. Rasmus is an inspiring person who encourages people to really go further.”

Sandra Blüehdorn


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